“A twinne-like sister” but Not a Twin: Elizabeth Jocelin’s Mothers Legacie to her Vnborn Child in Its 1622 Manuscript and 1624 Print Versions

정영진 /Youngjin Chung

2018, vol.28, no.2, pp. 239-266

This essay examines the ways in which women’s writing was informed and promoted, bringing into focus Elizabeth Jocelin’s self-edited manuscript of maternal legacy and its 1624 print edition with Thomas Goad’s approbation. The purpose of this essay is two-fold: to demonstrate the complex operation of gender in the process of writing and publication by examining how authorial and editorial concerns complicate the articulation of gender; and to focus attention on how maternity appears as a site for negotiating cultural discourses and lived experiences and for thinking through social, rhetorical, and generic conventions. When considered together, Jocelin’s manuscript and its print version, especially their prefatory materials that construct protocols of reading, suggest the complexity of early modern textual maternity as they generate historically situated insights about the ways in which maternity is lived, performed, written, and edited through a set of rhetorical strategies that draw on various discourses.