Mary Wroth’s Urania and Urania

고찬미 /Chanmi Ko

2018, vol.28, no.2, pp. 223-237

This paper aims to show that Mary Wroth attempts to publicize her own voice as a female writer and the literary heir of Philip Sidney through the female protagonist of Urania. At first glance, Urania seems to be a titular character. However, she proves to deserve the title of protagonist, preoccupied with the issue of self-identity. As an unauthorized female writer, Wroth identifies herself with Urania, who is ignorant of her own identity. Wroth casts Urania in the role of a woman who refuses to remain unknown and consequently strives to search for her self-identity. By using Urania as a link to her uncle’s literary career and reputation, Wroth aspires to be Sidney’s only worthy heir in a literary sense. There by, Wroth tries to acquire an authoritative voice in the face of the Jacobean reality, in which women are not allowed to publicize their voices.